Sensefields is a provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for traffic management based on wireless magnetometer sensors placed on roads, highways and urban areas. The sensors can be deployed in strategic locations along the infrastructure for vehicle counting , classification and speed detection in temporary or permanent stations.

Combined with a powerful traffic data analytics platform and a tailorization of products to the needs of the clients, Sensefields can be one of the best-performer partners for analyzing mobility in smart cities and interurban infrastructures.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Wireless magnetic sensors
  • Traffic management
  • Smart cities
  • Smart roads
  • Congestion monitoring
  • Vehicle speed measurements
  • Vehicle classification and counting
  • Traffic data analysis
Our solutions are based on:

  • Quality of our products
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation with our customers
  • Enviromental-aware



Sensefields team is an expert developer in collecting, reporting and analyzing technologies. It has a multi-focused team of experts in civil engineering, software, firmware and hardware development, mathematics and sales & marketing professionals. We all work for the best solution for traffic management in smart cities and infrastructures by tailoring the product to the needs of each customer.

Through our partner network extended globally we offer the best solutions for clients to analize their infrastructures and urban areas being able to manage, analize and plan the best traffic and mobility possible.

Awards & certifications

Certification of quality
Universitat Politècnica de
Catalunya (UPC)
Certification of quality
ITS España
ITS Spain
Award (ITS highways)

Funding Support

Ministerio de Economia y competitividad