General Mitre - Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes

Success Story: General Mitre - Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes - Barcelona, Spain

Traffic lights regulation usually works with time selection strategies, where traffic light coordination and timesharing in traffic lights change according to the time of the day and type of the day.

When traffic conditions requires it, this operation can be altered manually from the Management Mobility Centre (CGM), moving on to a manually selection strategy.

Business Challenge

The main objective of this solution was the implantation of dynamic selection systems of traffic plans in two of the main avenues of the city: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes y Avenida del General Mitre.

Dynamic selection systems of traffic lights plans require an important number of traffic data from the specific/crowded area (in real time). Thus, the CGM is able to take the best decision about traffic plans that fully adapts to every situation. That’s why, it’s very important to get high quality data in real time and keeping those levels of precision across time.

The election of Sensefields to undertake this challenge was not only due to its low associated costs or its fast system installation, but also the need of managing traffic plans of these roads during rush hours, or when there are traffic jams of low and medium levels, the algorithm adapting itself according to every situation’s needs.

Sensefields equipments are connected to the telecommunications network switch that resides within traffic light controllers, making them accessible from the CGM with the intention of integrating it to databases of traffic management. Meanwhile, the project offers the possibility to extract data hand-operated (through wifi), thanks to the integrated management platform inside the equipment, making Sensefields’s solutions the most appropriate to meet all the requirements.

The General Mitre Avenue is one of the most important roads that cross the city from north to south. Its connection to many entrances and exits of business districts make it a crucial road with high levels of traffic jams. This avenue converges with other major roads of the city near Ildefons Cerdà Square, The Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes. In this case, Gran Vía crosses the city from west to east gathering all the traffic flows that are using the same path.

Sensefields monitors the traffic of 16 intersections in General Mitre and 14 intersections in Gran Vía.


  • Have been installed: 7 monitoring traffic sections in Gran Vía and 6 in General Mitre.
  • The installation has real time reporting data stations within traffic light controllers that handle the intersections of the most important crosses that gather high levels of traffic flow.
  • The data goes from the traffic light controller to the Control Center of the Barcelona City Council to analyse traffic light phases.
  • With all the data collected, traffic lights of crosses at a local level adjust itself. It adapt every phases according to the lane’s occupancy levels, settled by the mobility department.
  • The solution allows the adaptation of traffic light phases of these big avenues, with the ambition of adapting the traffic according to its needs, in different moments.
  • These facilities allow collect counting vehicle data and the occupancy rate of each lane.

Key Benefits

  • Sensefields technologies make simpler the installation of the stations, in the meantime it make easier the maintenance of the equipment.
  • These data can be obtained immediately after the end of the installation.
  • The maintenance costs decreases a lot, because Sensefields systems maintains its accuracy during a long time.