Sensefields offers an end-to-end solution for traffic management . Wireless sensors installed on the pavement detect vehicles measuring their speed and length. This information is transmitted to a nearby Data Processing Station (DPS), which provides diverse connectivity options and serves as a local hub for management and data storage. A cloud-based system allows the management and monitoring of the infrastructure and analysis of the traffic data .

End-to-end traffic data integration


  • Uses magnetic sensors to detect vehicles in movement, accurately measuring their speed and length.
  • Compact (110x100mm) rugged enclosure box.
  • Requires only a minor perforation in the pavement for installation.
  • 4-year battery life at continuous operation as a result of an optimized data capture and communication process.
  • Sensors and batteries can be removed from the enclosure for reuse in other installations.

Data Processing Station (DPS)

  • Real-time vehicle detection with speed measuring and length classification.
  • Supports both wired and wireless communication technologies:
    serial connection, Ethernet, WIFI, 3G.
  • Rugged enclosure that supports long time exposure to severe weather conditions.
  • No calibration needed for accurate vehicle detection.
  • Open: easy integration with traffic management systems.

Cloud-based traffic management services (Fastrack)

  • “Plug and web”: connect sensor and start collecting data without any further configuration.
  • Cloud based. It is not required to install any on-premises software.
  • Offers a rich API to integrate third-party applications.
  • Integrates real-time data, historical data, and alarm notifications.
  • Sophisticated data visualization tools to analyze key traffic metrics.


Fast and simple
installation with no wires and minimal impact on the pavement.
Ready to use
Collect and analyze traffic data in real time from the time of installation.
Low maintenance cost
Interventions are infrequent and fast, not requiring specialized personnel or tools.
Works in any climate and usage conditions
Sensors can be used on any location as either permanent or temporary stations for prospecting, monitoring, auditing, etc.
Software as a Service model for advance traffic management features on which you pay for the features you need.
Easy integration with others systems using standard protocols and data formats.
Removable batteries and electronics can be disposed off after the product's end of life.